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Caring For Our Future Through Tyre Recycling

Holbeach Tyres take environmental issues very seriously.

Here at Holbeach Tyres we care for our planets environment and the part that the tyre indusrtry has to play in keeping our carbon footprint as small as possible. Our busy, modern lifestyles can leave our planets eco-system suffering as a result so we make every effort to recycle as many waste materials from your vehicle as possible - whether they be tyres, batteries, engine oil or many others.   

Many motor trade products are recyclable. Although recycling of many is not necessarily straightforward as you will see below but if we are conscious of the difference we can make through 'greener' practices and recycling wherever possible that can surely only be a good thing for us, our families and future generations.

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Used tyres accumulate in their millions every year and present a serious environmental issue. At present, they are virtually indestructible and difficult to recycle economically. As a result many are simply dumped every year adding to the problem but by purchasing tyres with us, you can rest assured that your old motoring products will be recycled so that they can be transformed from waste materials into marketable products such as newly recycled tyres,road pavements,.domestic flooring and geotextiles for embankment retaining walls and such like.

Tyre manufacturers have prioritized 'greener' tyre performance in recent years incorporating different differing concentrations of elements into tyre production such as silica which allow for the tyre to have a lower'rolling resistance'(the force required to drive the tyre along the road surface)for example so please feel free to use our tyre search facility below to search for energy efficient tyres and you can click here to find further detailed information on the E.U Tyre Labelling Law.



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Should you require any further information regarding tyre labelling please feel free to email David or call on 01406 423611 .

Thank you for visiting our 'Tyre Recycling' page, we look forward to speaking to you.

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