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Tyres Winter and All Season

At Holbeach Tyres we appreciate the importance of choosing the right kind of tyre to suit your usage and all season / winter tyres are a perfect example of this.

In appropriate conditions, all season / winter tyres can make the difference between getting out and about or being 'marooned' at home and we think it's important to help educate where possible to enable you to make the right choice regarding tyre replacement.

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The larger percentage of motorists may be unaware that winter tyres perform well in temperatures below +7 degrees centigrade and one of the chief reasons for this is due to a winter tyre having s specially designed and developed compound that contains more natural rubber. This means the tyre doesn't harden as quickly in colder operating temperature ranges resulting in an increased level of grip. When accompanied with a serrated tread block and sipe design the result is a tread design that is far more efficient at evacuating snow crystals when compared to a conventional tread block. The rubber compound of a summer tyre is far more likely to harden when the tyre falls outside of its optimum operating temperature when compared to a winter tyre. The same rule applies the opposite way of course and once a winter falls outside of its optimum operating temperature. This can result in a difference in grip levels as great as stopping a vehicle from 30 mph to a standstill on a snow covered road in approximately 35 metres compared to 43 metres on non winter product.

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Please feel free to use our tyre search facility below to search for all season and winter tyres and feel free to contact David with any questions you may have or feel free to call us anytime on 01406 423611.              



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